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A Spoonful of Sugar - (helps the medicine go down) - A Dedication to Jaxz
June 12, 2010 09:08 AM PDT
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One large dose of Chunky, Funky, Sexy Tribal Tech!
Swallow whole with a spoonful of Sugar provided.
Use the full 1 hour application of free, prescription
percussion available. Immersing entire body garuntees
best results. Finish whole mix to complete treatment.
Vigorous physical exercise during is strongly
recommend by leading musician physicians.
With full emphasis on facial muscles & lower body,
fully work hips, butts, thighs feet arms & necks
simultaneously. You can expect rhythm as the medicine
takes effect....then you'll find you're 'Totally Rockin To
The Beat' ....SWEEEEET! x


1. Closer - Neyo - Dj Nano & T.Tommy
2. Zumbahe - Dario Nunez & Hector Rodriguez
3. Da Hasta ft Dj Nano
4. Do you remember - Dario Nunez
5. Are you gonna go my way? 2010 - Oscar & Freddy Marquez
6. Del Olmo - Dario & David Vio
7. Blackout - Dario Nunez
8. Kumbalha - Saeed Younan
9. Silanena - Jose AM ft Harry Mendez
10. Yeah Ha - Saeed Younan
11.Only you - Chocolate Puma - GM remix
12.Deep Freak - Saeed Younan - Afroboogie remix
13. Tom's Diner - Bingo Players - Bootleg

I decided to whip this medicinal medley mayhem, of bouncing uplifting beats together for this week's radio show, and am dedicating it to my good friend Jaxz, who is very poorly in hospital.
Always a safe bet that Dario Nunez, Saeed Younan & the boys will keep us coming a nice steady stream of fantastic remixed tracks, songs you always liked from rock to pop through to rnb. They never fail to choose just the right tunes and put their undeniable stamps on....without ever becoming boring or predictable! Genius huh?. Plus managing a constant supply of top shelp works of their own.
Deep Chunky, Funky stomping and uplifting, that's the order of the day. I really can't think of better medicine to lift any dismal spirits out there. Especially for Jaxz to cheer her up and let her know i'm always praying for her speedy recovery. Love you Jaxz, this mixture's all yours.
Peace and Love & Light to all from me Madam Sugar xxx Enjoy!

The Reason - Pt 1 - The song of my heart, the food for my soul and the glue to fix any broken bits.
May 28, 2010 11:21 PM PDT
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1. Be yourself - Celeda
2. Melodica - Stimming
3.Another man - Oxia & Eric Borgo - Jesse Rose remix
4. Waldorf - Ritch & Collins
5 Ame - Rej
6. Mantice - Frederico Scavo
7. 1000 Dreams - Stimming
8. The underground - Celeda
9. Mirage - Ttuser
10. Le cirkus - Martinez
11. La conga - Riva Starr
12. Tumba me - Dave Rose, Deka
13. Yeah ha - Saeed Younan
14. I go back - Harry Choo Choo Romero - Josh Wink mix
15. La luna - Dr Kucho & Wally Lopez
16. The push - Paul Jackson - main mix
17. Tempo fiesta - Itty Bitty Boozy Woozy
18. Undertaker - Robert.G.Roy - Sergio Fernandez remix
19. Sawtooth Sucka - Screwing
20. The beginning - Mike Ski - Mike Ski's dub

This mix is a bit longer than i would usually post as a podcast but it just had to be done.
All of the tracks had to be in there. It is the first in a trilogy highlighting the reasons i came to mix music.
A chance for me to go back and remember all that inspired me. Bringing together the old with the new.
From the first house music i ever heard, the hard trance, underground & industrial techno i stomped to for many years, sometimes at what sounds like break neck speed to me now!
The classics and the all time favourites, through to the first tracks i bought on vinyl for mixing much later on.
From whence my passion came to where it leads me today and in the future.
This first mix, though also a mixture of old & new, encompasses perfectly and entirely the true sound of Madam Sugar today!
The song of my heart, the food for my soul and the glue to fix any broken bits.
This is what makes me tick!
Some tracks must never be forgotten so long as they still evoke feeling and response, these must be played again and again for all time and generations to come.
I tried to choose for this mix, tunes for eternity, sounds that grab something inside you and make you need to move.
I love the way these vibes descend over crowds of people uniting them as one solid mass of smiling souls, communicating without words, just with eyes, bodies, and energy.
The air literally licks and tickles, you can feel it bristle against you. It becomes packed with energy from 1000s of goose bumps, sporadically prickling and rushing across everyone's skin.
The rolling drums, and deep bouncing basslines give me the most incredible sensations, they make me want to dance bare foot in the sand and swim naked in the ocean.
I smile so hard my face hurts.
To share such sensations, and to see how they allow people be with eachother, with ease that only comes from rhythm & joy. Well.......that's my reason for the ongoing lesson in mixing music.
For me it is 'The Reason'
I hope you enjoy listening and will pass on to your friends. Please feel free to leave your personal feedback as a ears & heart are always open........peace and light......M.SUGZ xxxxx

Just Tech Me!
December 03, 2009 06:18 PM PST

Hello peeps, it's been a while since my last posting due to some problems with my recording equipment.
I've been absolutely itching to post a tech mix and finally here's one!
This is a bouncin vocal tech mix with some of my all time favourite tracks plus a few brand new ones for good measure. You can be sure that no matter which sub genre of house i may post a mix under, it will always include some pure rollin drum tracks since i'm addicted to those beats dagnammit! lol.
So for the delay i've made it longer than usual to make up for lost time.
I hope you enjoy the mix much love Madam Sugzxxx


1. Now i Am Ready - Trevor Lovey
2. Busted - Dj Faulk
3. Fooling Myself - King Kooba - Derick Carter remix
4. Look What You've - Voodoo Chilli - Jesse Rose & Jimpster remix
5. What You Need The Most - Herve
6. Inner Peace - Cates&dpL Growlin Tech dub
7. Vocal Chords - Claude Von Stroke - Dj Version
8. Ball n Chain - DJD - Juan De La Madre mix
9. Kick Your Ass - Layo & Bushwacka
10. Aardvarck - Cult Copy - 200 And One mix
11. I Feel Good - Jason Herd ft Roland Clark
12. Salsa Electrika - Dj Sneak
13. La Conga - Riva Starr
14. Freakside - Schlomi Aber
15. Who's Afraid Of Detroit - Claude von Stroke - 3 Channels mix
16. Backroom Honey - Saeed Younan
17. Itchy Dog - Jesse Rose
18. Medication Time - Turtlehead
19. Lose Control - Dark Mountain Group
20. Magic Nights & After Hours - Diego Poblets - orig mix
21. Trains - Jan Driver

October 19, 2009 05:01 AM PDT

A Deep House Mix.

A mix with rolling drum beats, poignant lyrics and some seriously soothing sounds, firmly entwined by the neat percussion!
(She Chuckles)...when i listen to this mix, i can't help smiling at myself from about track 10 onwards.
I blatantly start veering off the intended deep house vibe and literally hopped skipped and jumped down a far more techy / tribal route!
It was only the 2nd time i'd ever recorded a mix, so still being very much a learner i was unable to resist the lure of those fabulous drums it x x
If you happen to download the mix, i'd say play it a bit faster, 128-130bpm, also crank up your bass a bit. I've left it the way it was recorded (complete with a slight scratch on vinyl track 12, awesome track***) i wanted to keep it raw and remind myself how much i've learned since then.
Thanks for checkin my podcast out i hope you really enjoy listening. Love & Peace Madam Sugz x

They always say you should never judge a book by it's cover.
They say it's the quiet ones you should look out for.
They should also tell you, when the water looks calm and safe, 'twad would be wise to check beneath the surface because.......... " STILL WATERS RUN DEEP".............

1. Bioground - Smooth Summer Nights - Original Mix
2. Touched the sky - Dennis Ferrer - Original Mix
3. Set Me Free - Birchy's House Mix
4. Hang Around - Ben Westbeech - Original Mix
5. Mesmerized - Miguel Migs
6. I Can't Go Under - Dennis Ferrer Ft Malena Perez (main)
7. You Don't Know - Quentin Harris
8. My Guitar - Original Mix
9. Woman Of The Sun pt1 - Onionz ft Elfeco(Hippe's Stripped
Out Mix)
10. Bonafide Ft Don E - Mood 11 Swing Dub
11. Timmy Vegas & Barbara Tucker - Dutty Funk(We Can
Do) - Johnny Fiasco Mix
12. Electrik & Diva(In My House) - Diva - (In My House)
13. Cult Copy - 2000 And One Mix
14. Robbie Rivera - Feel This

Slave To Electro
October 29, 2009 05:30 PM PDT

This was the first mix i ever recorded.
That was in 2006 when electro seemed to burst into music across the board.
I was just beginning then, shopping for vinyl & quite blindly buying a mixture of house, with very little knowledge of who made what. I knew the sound i was looking for but not where to find it.
I kinda rode the wave of electro house music, though i was very selective about the tracks i liked.....i still am actually!
I'm much more of a deep driving tech and minimal girl when it comes to serious electronic beats!!
I did find producers who could tick my boxes.......Dave Spoon, Mike Monday, D Ramirez, Dj Rage, Mr Vonstroke etc
However i really needed this mix to
A) please all the commercial folk at my local bar where they gave me my first plays, and lots of support, but who's taste in music was pretty mainstream cheesey and
B) i knew i was gonna be heading straight down to London with a bag full of the same mix on cd, to give to some very different people, people who could offer me a set or might just ask me what planet i'd come from lol
You can only imagine the amount of times i arranged and swapped tracks around, added some, chucked them out, made up my mind and changed it again then scrubbed the whole thing and started again. I lived and breathed and even dreamt about how to record my electro mix!! which is how it got it's title and artwork. Needless to say i loved it all!


1. Sex you up - Jan Van Der Meulen - (Electro 'Sex' Bomb) version
2. Tell me why - Supermode - Original club mix
3. Pulling me under - Richard Dinsdale ft. Wray
4. Slack Society - Dublex Inc - Swag's Voco Asbo
5. Double 99 Ripgroove 2006 - Cirez. D mix
6. Body Language - M.A.N.D.Y v.s Booka Shade (gladrags)
7. The Creeps - Feddie Le Grand ft. Camille Jones - club mix
8. The beat is rockin' (part 1) - Ericke - Skitzofrenix Dope Dub remix
9. Elektro - Outwork ft. Mr. Gee - Cubeguys Delano remix
10. Don't you want me baby - White Label
11. Flame - Bell X1 - Solid Groove mix
12. Bleep - Martjin Ten Velden & Lucien Foort - Original mix
13. Yeah Yeah - Bodyrox ft. Luciana - D.Ramirez vocal club mix
14. Never Say Never - Vandalism - Dirty South mix
15. Disco Dancerz - DJ Rage - (MK RE-Edit)
16. Stabbing Sally - Marcella - Original mix

Groovers In The Sugar!
December 05, 2010 05:38 PM PST
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Are you ready to get your groove on? These groovers are everywhere! Across the globe, in the club, at work, down the street, under the table, in your bag, over the rainbow, behind the clocks and in the damn sugar!!!! Lol lol........
Put this on when you're gettin ready to go out and i promise you it'll get the party started. This is what i call a BUM-BA-BUMBA set, that's because the beat goes......bum-ba-bumba bum-ba-bumba.....(giggles) it!
Enjoy and please leave any comments M.Sugz xx

1. Groove is in the heart ft Nuria Swan - Darion Nunez & Miseal Deejay mix
2. Russian Roulette - Tony Moran & Warren Riggs dub
3. Hey boy hey girl - Christian Key - Nick Corline remix
4. Happy people - Clubzound - Ibiza mix
5. Get Kardamoon - Antoine Clamaran vs Jan Driver
6. Zul - Dario Nunez Dj Montxo
7. Shake it - Dj Rooster & Sammy Peralta - Jesse Garcia remix
8. House of god 2010 - Dj Faualk - Mark Simmons remix
9. Only you - Chocolate Puma remix

Madam Sugar....guest appearance on Turntable Reloaded - cityREdio
March 16, 2010 07:30 AM PDT

This week i'm very excited to share with you the recording of a set i did, for a jam packed show called Turntable Reloaded, running on cityREdio. This show broadcasts for 8 hours every week, with regular guests, residents and worldwide djs on rotation. The sounds cover a spectrum of the very best in electronic music, genre to genre.
The whole show is coordinated and masterminded by the truely marvellous Bjorn Blain, host also of his own weekly show which is part of the regular schedule of Turntable Reloaded. Being recommended to Bjorn by my good and fairly new friend Dj Shadowfall (check also his page here on podomatic) was a total surprise and a good one...thanks Shadow, love always x.
I was absolutely thrilled to be an invited guest....but immediately began to quandry as to which of the many facets of Madam Sugar's house music, would best fit in welcoming her to a party she has longed to go to (that would be the one out there, happening in the big wide world!)
It was to be my first opportunity to mix a set on a platform with an audience outside of the U.K...and first stop GERMANY no less!
I was eager to try something new and unfamiliar to me already and at the same time i wanted the show to scream Madam Sugar. So i decided it was high time i delved into some of the deeper electronic sounds out there right now.You can just imagine my sheer excitement coupled with the fact that i was a bag of nerves.
I had never knowingly listened to Minimal Techno, before last week.....but i most certainly have now.
So here's what happened next...hope you enjoy the show, all feed back is much welcomed by me, positive or negative. So please don't be shy and let me know your thoughts. Peace Sugz xxx

Madam Sugar.....March 13th Playlist.

1. Cherish - Zoexenia - orig mix
2. Gentle One - Emerson & Dubnitzky - Nick Curly remix
3. Handsome - Bart Skils & Anton Pieete - orig mix
4. Dirty Ol' Burt - Polder - orig mix
5. With Me Or Against Me - feat T.C - D.Ramirez
6. The Big Kazoo - Style Of Eye - Techno dub
7. The Green Mango - Mark Mendes - orig mix
8. Full House - Format B - orig mix
9. Bouncing Bed Springs - Paul johnson - orig mix
10. Kamtron - Maetrik - orig mix
11. What The Fuck - Funkagenda - orig mix
12. Choose Your System - Maetrik - orig mix
13. Good Life - Kevin Saunderson feat Inner City - Matthew Jonsons acid mix
14. Disco Bus - Lucio Aquilina - Roland.M.Dill remix
15. The Bells Of Brighton - Steve Mac & Marc Brown - Popof remix
16. The Light - Maetrik - orig mix
17. Strange Ways - Polder - orig mix
18. Nothing At All - Angel Freq - Tiger Stripes mix
19. Dirty - Polder - orig mix
20. Minimalesk - Alex Young & Artech - orig mix
21. The Filth - Gamal Kabar - 3 Channels remix
22. Bad Beat - Format B - orig mix
23. Limit Of Your Mind - Tommie Sunshine - Tocadisco's beach club remix
24. Crazy Madness - Paul Ritch - Luca Bacchetti remix

December 01, 2010 03:59 PM PST
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Time for a medley of sexy, rolling beats. Licked nicely with some latin flavours!
Kicking off with the fabulous 'Una Pena', a track from Stimming to set the tone. I absoloutely love productions from Stimming and have managed to slip one from them into many a set, wether it be minimal, progressive, latin, ambient or more electronic. Always manage to hit just the right spot with something from them.
Riva Starr, Guido Scneider, Andre Galluzz, Sergio Fernandez, Deadmau5, Chris Lake are but just a few names behind some of the music here.
A mention of these alone spring an image of sound for this say no more & step inside the.......'Medley' xxx M.Sugz

1. Stimming - Una Pena - Original Mix
2. Baccara - Guido Schneider, Andre Galluzz - (Original Mix)
3. Africa - Rules Sergio Fernandez - (Alex Young Remix)
4. Candela - Yvel & Tristan
5. Warcraft - JCB - (Sergio Fernandez Remix)
6. Work This Out Feat. Zoe Kidah - Shekimon - (Freak Disco S Beatport dub)
7. Jungla De Espejos - Pablo Kopanos - (Main Mix)
8. I Said - Chris Lake And Deadmau5 - (Sergio Fernandez Remix)
9. Katrinyla - Nick & Danny Chatelain - (Mastiksoul Buff Buf mix)
10. Fiesta Elektronika - ALP Vs Outwork - (Paolo Aliberti Reprise mix)
11. Bucovina - Ian Oliver Ft Shantel - (Juan Magan & Marcos Rodriguez mix)
12. Vouxhall - Riva Starr radio - Guest Show
July 16, 2010 03:01 AM PDT

I finally sorted out my equipment at home for live feed internet radio shows. I feel like i've been set free. My weekly show 'Thigh Length Beats' on (thursdays 7pm-9pm GMT) is also live but i broadcast from the Passion studio, since it's not far from my house it works well.
I've been asked a number of times to do live internet shows and each time i've had to pre-record, as i get a very nasty ground loop from the power lead of my laptop and the battery only lasts 45 mins!
It's been very frustrating trying to locate and eliminate the problems and especially being unable to participate live in exciting radio events.
I got there in the end and was asked by Chicago's (Over Drive Underground, carefully mastered and managed by the incredibly multi talented Dj Shadowfall.) to do a live set as part of the station's fourth year anniversary celebrations. So my maiden voyage into the live feed internet radio experience, was with Over Drive Underground, sort of back to back with Dj Shadowfall, without being in the same country!
I took the first hour and after some initial nerves, had a blast!
I've accepted a weekly slot also with them and shall find out shortly times and days.
I plan to upload the weekly recording of my new show here on podomatic. I'm sure people will find out a huge chunk more about me, simply by the way i run my shows.
Excitement about the tunes, viberance, energy and plenty of playful interaction with my listeners all go without saying, EVERYTIME!!!
This show i will say is deep, bumpin, chunky, stompy, uplifting with the ever present rolling drums. Guest Show tracklist:

1. My Friend Is A Seahorse (Mock & Toof Remix) - Kissogram
2. This Aint Hollywood (Radio Slave Remix) - Armand Van Helden
3. Sunday Morning - Stimming
4. A Lovely Day (Jewel Kid Remix ) - The House Moguls
5. Zomg (Original Club Mix) - Funkagenda
6. Jack My Bell - Riva Starr
7. The Music And Me (DJ Wady Remix) - Voltaxx, Lissat ft. Betty Bizarre
8. Jembe (Original Club Mix) - Filthy Rich
9. Be Yourself (Original Mix) - Dario Nunez & David Pereda Feat Samantha
10. Break My Heart (Opencloud Tech 9 Mix) - Jewel Kid
11. Burujava (Original Vibes Mix) - Stefano Noferini

All my love, i hope you enjoy listening. Peace....M.Sugz xxx