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Beats Jurisdiction
March 12, 2015 09:19 AM PDT
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I originally mixed this for my radio show and had casually titled it in my files as 'European & Tribal Radio' This is literally, so completely up my street sound wise! It just bounces along, full of chunky and driving percussion. Exactly the kind of beats I love to have at my fingertips. This particular mix is one that really fell together perfectly, track to track, beat to beat. It seems to have it's own happy heartbeat. Hope it makes you dance too as it does me smileyx

No Pressure
February 27, 2015 07:05 AM PST
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Uplifting Vocal House.

February 26, 2015 08:15 PM PST
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Some sugary sexy sultry beats to get us in the mood.

Vocal Bouquet
February 20, 2015 02:03 PM PST
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Just a laid back soulful funky bouquet. A posy of sexy & sultry undertones. A neat little bunch of pleasing tunes.

A Spoonful of Sugar - (helps the medicine go down) - A Dedication to Jaxz
June 12, 2010 09:08 AM PDT
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One large dose of Chunky, Funky, Sexy Tribal Tech! Swallow whole with a spoonful of Sugar. Use the full 1 hour application prescribed percussion available. Immersing entire body garuntees best results. Finish whole mix to complete treatment. Vigorous  exercise is strongly recommend by leading musician physicians. With full emphasis on facial muscles & lower body, fully work hips, butts, thighs feet arms & head simultaneously. You can expect rhythm as the medicine takes effect!


1. Closer - Neyo - Dj Nano & T.Tommy

2. Zumbahe - Dario Nunez & Hector Rodriguez

3. Da Hasta ft Dj Nano 4. Do you remember - Dario Nunez 5. Are you gonna go my way? 2010 - Oscar & Freddy Marquez 6. Del Olmo - Dario & David Vio

7. Blackout - Dario Nunez

8. Kumbalha - Saeed Younan

9. Silanena - Jose AM ft Harry Mendez

10. Yeah Ha - Saeed Younan

11.Only you - Chocolate Puma - GM remix

12.Deep Freak - Saeed Younan - Afroboogie remix

13. Tom's Diner - Bingo Players - Bootleg

ENJOY! Tongue out

Just Tech Me!
December 03, 2009 06:18 PM PST
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This is a bouncing vocal tech mix with some of my all time favourite tracks plus a few brand new ones for good measure. You can be sure that no matter which sub genre of house i may post a mix under, it will always include some pure rolling drums.

I hope you enjoy the mix much love Madam Sugzxxx


1. Now i Am Ready - Trevor Lovey
2. Busted - Dj Faulk
3. Fooling Myself - King Kooba - Derick Carter remix
4. Look What You've - Voodoo Chilli - Jesse Rose & Jimpster remix
5. What You Need The Most - Herve
6. Inner Peace - Cates&dpL Growlin Tech dub
7. Vocal Chords - Claude Von Stroke - Dj Version
8. Ball n Chain - DJD - Juan De La Madre mix
9. Kick Your Ass - Layo & Bushwacka
10. Aardvarck - Cult Copy - 200 And One mix
11. I Feel Good - Jason Herd ft Roland Clark
12. Salsa Electrika - Dj Sneak
13. La Conga - Riva Starr
14. Freakside - Schlomi Aber
15. Who's Afraid Of Detroit - Claude von Stroke - 3 Channels mix
16. Backroom Honey - Saeed Younan
17. Itchy Dog - Jesse Rose
18. Medication Time - Turtlehead
19. Lose Control - Dark Mountain Group
20. Magic Nights & After Hours - Diego Poblets - orig mix
21. Trains - Jan Driver